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Kerri Cipriani Posted by: Kerri Cipriani 3 years ago

Are Boudoir Photos Really Worth It?

In order to answer the question “are boudoir photos really worth it?”, we first have to answer the question, why boudoir photos in the first place?

We have had the honor of working with women from their twenties through their sixties, in every possible stage of life. Newly engaged, newly married, newly divorced, newly widowed, new moms, survivors, you name it. Before booking, we always ask why clients are interested in a boudoir photoshoot. This helps us to understand their vision and what we need to deliver on for them!

More often than not, women come to us stating these photos are a gift for someone else. Maybe a new boyfriend, new partner, or new husband? Occasionally we have a woman who has already stepped into her full self love journey and she knows this is for her and no one else. However, the majority of our inquires are from women looking for a unique gift for someone else.

The Reasons why…

Here are several examples of the responses we have received in consultation inquiry emails:

  • “I’m getting married and would love to get some boudoir photos done before the wedding for the groom.”
  • “10 year wedding anniversary gift for my partner.”
  • “Would love to do something sexy for my husband!”
  • “Wedding gift for my future husband.”
  • “I want to get the self confidence back my ex stole from me.”
  • “A gift for my long term boyfriend, but I am also learning to love myself again. I figured boudoir photos would be a good start.”

Do we think boudoir photos are a good unique gift for your partner? ABSOLUTELY! But, what we also know and love, is they end up being a good unique gift FOR YOU! Our clients are often excited for a fun day of pampering, wearing gorgeous outfits, and an outward boudoir transformation. They are not prepared for the inner transformation!

The Transformation…

We have had women come to our studio so nervous and timid they barely speak to us while getting their hair and makeup done. These same women leave with their head held high, a bounce in their step, and a signed model release of their images! There is nothing wrong with timid, there is nothing wrong with leaving timid either. It just doesn’t happen. Something magical happens when we turn the camera around and show women what we see. They start to trust themselves, they start to step into their power, and they start to LOVE themselves.

We do not take this responsibility lightly. In fact, it is the exact reason we chose to specialize in boudoir. Every form of photography is a gift. It can be a lifelong memory captured, or a way to commemorate a milestone. In our experience, boudoir is therapy, catharsis, celebration, and so much more. Boudoir is extremely personal to us, it is our life passion to be able to show women they deserve to be celebrated. Moreover, we show women the power of self expression. Here is how we know this to be true…

The Results…

Here are the ending reactions of these same women to their boudoir photo galleries:

  • “I just want you to know, you have made me feel very special and beautiful at 51 and going through menopause,  along with skin cancer.  You are not just a gift to me but to all women of all ages, including your daughters. Thank you again for your heart and kind words and love for what you do.”
  • “OMG OMG OMG OMG Kerri!! You’re so talented and you’re amazing. I love these photos so much. I feel beautiful in a way that I’ve never felt before. Thank you so much for capturing these!”
  • “Seriously amazing! From the time I first inquired about a session, to the royal treatment the day of and the finished product itself… this was the BEST experience! Not only is Kerri an incredibly talented photographer, but she also made this nervous girl feel so comfortable through the entire process. I could not be more thrilled!”
  • “Had so much fun shooting with Kerri! She was very professional and made me feel comfortable and confident. I have never felt better about where I am at in my life. I couldn’t believe it was me in those photos. If you are thinking about scheduling a shoot, do it!!”
  • “My experience with Kerri was AMAZING! Not only she’s talented at what she’s doing, but she’s also sweet to work with. She made me feel comfortable during the whole shoot and listened to what I want. I fell in love with all of my photos it was hard to choose my personal favorite!
  • “There was one task I left Kerri and Aurelia with for the day of my shoot, help me fall in love with myself all over again. I know, a big task, right? However, they did not just fulfill that task, they exceeded every expectation I had.”

What these testimonials tell us…

There is something we noticed every time we would read a new review or testimonial. While our team absolutely received accolades, each woman also mentioned how she felt about herself! Most of them had not come to us looking for their boudoir photos to be for themselves. And yet, by the time their photoshoot wrapped, they understood this was absolutely a gift for them as well!

In conclusion…

We would challenge you to ask a different question. The question that matters is not “Are Boudoir Photos Really Worth It?” The real question should be “Are YOU Worth it?” And we are here to tell you YES, a million times YES. You are worth investing in, you are worth setting aside time for, you are worth celebrating, YOU ARE WORTH IT! Let us show you.

For more information review our FAQs. If your interest is officially peaked Let’s Chat!

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