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Kerri Cipriani Posted by: Kerri Cipriani 2 years ago

Timing is Everything

As anyone who has ever over-microwaved the leftover shrimp lo mien can tell you, timing and process are everything.  Okay, well, maybe not everything, but certainly they’re important to getting things done.  And when it comes to setting up your boudoir shoot, the same holds true.  Knowing how to schedule one and, possibly more importantly, when to schedule one can set you up to have the absolute best experience possible!  And me, I want you to have the absolute best experience possible.

We at Boudoir by Cipriani think three things lead to you having a great shoot with us.  And as we have highlighted before, a lot of it comes down to having the proper knowledge!  Knowing a little about the ins and outs of your shoot can really make a difference.  So let’s talk today about how and when to schedule your session, from the initial research to the consultation to the broader timeline.  All three parts are necessary, but one thing we want to emphasize in particular is the time investment required.

No one likes to cram for a test, and we think you’ll have a much more relaxing, comfortable experience if it is possible to plan a little in advance.  Oh, that makes it sound like there’s a test.  There’s no test; you can relax.  Just grab your calendar, and let’s chat through how all this comes together.

Quickly! To the Library! Or… rather, to the Google!

Okay, if you’re here, you’re probably considering us for your boudoir shoot.  First, thank you!  We appreciate your consideration!  This is a profoundly personal and meaningful decision, and we sincerely appreciate being a candidate!

That said, we do encourage you to do some research.  Check around.  While boudoir photographers are a rarer breed than jack-of-all-trade photographers, there are at least a few of us out there.  And you want to make the right decision for you.  We think we’re the right place for you to experience boudoir, but we want you to be sure as well!  So really, please do some research, check out a few other places, and see what they have to offer, too!

Online reviews are a huge part of understanding what you’re getting yourself into.  Take a day or two to read reviews, poke around some other boudoir sites, and get a feel for what’s out there.  We really do believe you’ll get the best experience here at Boudoir by Cipriani, but at the end of the day, like we said, we want you to have the best experience for yourself.  Advocate for yourself, bombshell.  Do some checking around.

Finding the Right Artist For the Right Masterpiece (That’s You)

A quick note on jack-of-all-trade photographers.  Here’s the thing: they’re super talented and flexible in a number of different styles.  And they’re also going to have outstanding reviews because they’re awesome at what they do!  And for any other photography project other than boudoir, we would point you straight to them.

But when it comes to boudoir photography, you need a boudoir photographer.  We address this in another blog post, but we want to reinforce it here.  Jack-of-all-trade photographers may be less expensive, but they will not deliver what we do.  Boudoir is a highly curated, individualized experience, and we really pride ourselves on making it a super unique and comfortable adventure.

So while you’re doing your research, please make sure you’re researching boudoir photographers for a boudoir session.  Again, if you need some additional information on why this is so important, check out some of our other blogs about the value of a boudoir shoot

Furthermore, you want to research galleries! Every photographer is an artist, which means no two photographers will take the same photo, use the same lighting, have the same studio set up, or put the same finishing touches on their photos. As we like to say, don’t try to hire Picasso to paint you a Van Gogh! We have worked hard to create a style we feel honors women’s bodies and stories, but that style might not be for you. We like to describe our style as warm, moody, and sensual. If light-bright-glowy is the vibe you are searching for, maybe we aren’t for you, but check out our work first. Make sure you’re choosing the right artist for the right piece of art.

Who Ya Gonna Call? Me!

Alright, so you’ve done your research, read the reviews, and you feel like we’re the best choice for you.  Again, thank you!  We are honored and excited to be a part of this journey with you!  Cool, so what’s next?

Well, we need to hear from you.  Specifically, I need to hear from you.  We don’t do any shoots without a consultation first, so it’s time to pick up the phone and call!  Or, if you’re not big on making calls (we get it), you can text first.  Or email.  Or fill out the consultation form on our website.  Or, if you’re exceptionally talented, raise and train a carrier pigeon to bring your message.  That last one seems kinda time intensive, but you do you.  The point is, we accept most forms of outreach! (Maybe not smoke signals… bad for the environment and our allergies.)

Now, I know we just said we get it about not wanting to talk right away on the phone, but at some point, we do have to jump on a short call.  It’ll be easy and painless, I promise.  Actually, I think you’ll walk away even more excited!  But there are some important things we need to cover in that call to make sure you’re set up for the best boudoir ever.    

The Best 30 Minute Phone Call Ever. Or Close to it, Anyway.

You got 30 minutes?  That’s all it’ll take for me to explain everything you’ll need to know about your shoot.  Well, maybe not everything- we keep overusing that word.  Feels a bit like that moment in ‘Princess Bride.’  You know?  “You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it does.”  Wow, I got distracted.

30 Minutes!  Yes!  That’s all.  To explain as close to everything you’ll need as we can get.  We cover some essential things in that time, though, so we need to set up a consultation call before you come into the studio.  And you’ll end up feeling much more prepared.  All good things.

We’re going to go over your vision for the shoot (to reinforce, this is about you), what the day’s schedule looks like, talk through pricing and products available, and answer your questions.  This is where the ‘everything’ factor can come back in.  If you have questions, ask!  It’s your opportunity to clear up any inquiries still lingering, so by all means, let’s dig in!

Finally, we’ll talk about availability and the timeline for your shoot.  This brings us nicely to the next section…

Gaze Into Your Crystal Ball. By Which We Mean, Your Calendar.

Just how far in advance should you be booking your boudoir shoot?  Well, you know that date that you NEED it by?  At least before that thing.  And if you can, even further in advance than that.

Okay, how about we get a little more specific.

In truth, you really do want to schedule your shoot as far in advance as you can commit to.  Our schedule fills up quickly, and the further in advance you can plan, the more likely it will be for you to get the date you want.  Also, depending on the photo package you are looking for, you’ll want to allow for some additional leeway on the scheduling front.  We’ll get to that next.

We need to emphasize how quickly our schedule fills up.  We do not work on volume, which means our availability is limited.  It also means you will have a shoot dedicated entirely to you and your time, which is part of what we pride ourselves on delivering.  However, because of these restrictions, we cannot hold any specific dates without a deposit.

Deposits are discussed in your consultation, and the moment we hang up, I’ll send over a proposal and a deposit form.  This is how you lock in your specific timeline.  Feeling good?  Great!  Just a few more things to cover.

Let’s Avoid The Need For a Time Machine.

So, what about the timeline is flexible, and what isn’t?  Well, sometimes, we can be flexible with the timing of your shoot.  Just because we are often booked up doesn’t mean we always are.  If you need a boudoir shoot on a tighter turnaround, ask us what we have available.  Sometimes we can accommodate.

That said.

Some aspects of the shoot are a little more set in stone.  Namely, how we get your pictures to you afterward.  If you’re doing a digital-only photo package, we can usually set up your digital gallery in 48 hours.  Most of the time, your pictures are done getting retouched on the day of the shoot. However, these are big files.  Like, brontosaurus big.  That’s because we want you to have the absolute highest quality images to remember your experience.  It also means they take a long time to upload into a gallery, so we need a few days for the file transfer.

Most of our bombshells are looking for a fine art album, though.  Something they can hold in their hands and share if they want to.  This takes considerably more time to deliver.  Again, we want to give you something quality and timeless, so some additional time and effort go into its creation.  We work with an Italian printing company (you know, since we are Italian and all) who works specifically with Boudoir photography. They are experienced and skilled in handling fine art, sensitive content, and we have a great trusting relationship with them. This isn’t Shutterfly, your body of art deserves better than that! The fine art album takes between six to eight weeks to deliver (this is a generous timeline in case of any shipping delays or production quality issues).  If that is what you are looking for, and like we said, most are, please please keep this in mind when preparing to book. 

As much as you can, as much as is possible, let’s plan in advance. Time machines aren’t readily available yet, so let’s try and avoid needing to invent one to get your boudoir shoot in.

Next Steps

Good talk today, bombshell!  By now you’ve got some more information about the hows and whens of booking your shoot.  We realize there are still a lot of questions probably hanging around in your mind.  Fortunately, we have two comprehensive solutions!  (How official does that sound?!)

Our blog is getting busier every day, so definitely take a look around in here and see if we address your questions in a previous article.  

Really, though, the best way to get your questions answered is by me, Kerri.  I know the stuff.  So give me a call!  And let’s take another step towards you getting to see what the lens sees in you.

Let’s chat!

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