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Kerri Cipriani Posted by: Kerri Cipriani 2 years ago

So, let’s talk about a sensitive subject.  Like, not third date kind of sensitive, but more of a ‘six months into a relationship’ kind of sensitive.  Let’s talk about finances.

Money can be a tough thing.  It is simultaneously an enabler, and a barrier.  And especially in boudoir, we don’t like barriers to women feeling and becoming their best selves.  Half of what we do, after all, is focused on breaking down personal barriers you might have put up around yourself.  Helping you to feel more confident and beautiful in your own skin so you can have the most empowering session possible.  And if we could break down everything hold you back from that, we would.  

We Try to Avoid Sticker Shock:

What is the cost of a Boudoir photoshoot?

We don’t believe in sticker shock or a bait and switch, which is why we try our best at Boudoir by Cipriani to handle money and finances in a clear and accessible way.  During your initial consult we provide full transparency and talk through all of your options before you even book with us. We also do not have a minimum spend required after your photoshoot. This does set us apart from many Boudoir companies that do not disclose pricing or have a minimum spend requirement. If you’re just looking for a price quote, check out our investment page. If you still have more questions contact us

That said, the cost of a boudoir photoshoot itself doesn’t tell the full story.  It doesn’t exactly explain what sets a boudoir session apart from a shoot at Sears.  Or, whatever department store is offering portraits these days.  Do department stores still do photo shoots…?  Anyway.

If you’re here, you are more than likely looking for an in-depth explanation at what you get in a session with us.  We encourage you to read on.  Even if you are just looking for that price quote: consider coming back to our blog afterwards.  We think once you understand the value of your session and everything it includes, you’ll feel more confident about booking.  

Alright.  Let’s get into this.  We’re going to take you through the benefits of the boudoir experience, what you get with us versus what you won’t get with other photographers, and ways we make the cost more approachable and accessible.  So, let’s put the numbers and figures aside for just a few minutes, and chat about the deeper value of the services we offer.   

It’s About What You Don’t Get With Other Photographers

One of the difficult aspects about discussing the cost of a boudoir photoshoot, is actually communicating what you don’t get with other experiences.  After all, a boudoir session is unique in so many ways.  From the styling to the actual photos themselves, there are a lot of things about boudoir that are very different from any other photo shoots.  And especially at Boudoir by Cipriani, we take a lot of pride in the kind of experience you get with us.

How about we walk through an example session?  I’m betting once you see all the differences, you’ll have a better understanding of why the cost is set up the way it is.

We’re With You Right From the Start

Alright!  So you’ve excitedly booked a shoot with Generic Jack-of-all-trades Photography Company, but you want to try and make it as close to a boudoir shoot as you can get- they just happened to be cheaper.  What’s your first impression of this photography company?  Maybe it’s an automated email informing you about the basic details of your appointment: where, when and how long you’ll have.  Pretty standard stuff, right?

Well, but wait a minute.  How much of that first impression was personalized?  Did they take any time to get to know you?  Do they know why you are interested in doing the shoot, or what you want to get out of it?  Have they made any effort to curate the experience to you as an individual?

Probably not.  Not because they’re a bad photography company!  We bet they’re actually quite talented.  But most “jack-of-all-trades” photography companies are focused on volume, not experience.  They want to book as many clients as possible, churn through them as quickly as possible, and start lining up more business.  At Boudoir by Cipriani, we are more exclusive with our clientele.  Not exclusive in the sense of ‘you can’t sit with us,’ of course.  But rather, we take on a limited number of clients each month to make sure you have the most curated, individual experience possible. You will also receive your final product prints much quicker than most high volume photography companies can promise.  This means you will get far more individual attention, and have much more input.  You’ll have a voice in the process.  Which, is fundamentally a part of boudoir: empowerment.  

Hair, Makeup And Wardrobe: We Do It All!

Now, your photo shoot with Generic Jack-Of-All-Trades Photography is coming up.  How are you preparing?  Are you getting your hair and makeup done?  Buying some new outfits to look especially stunning?  Hm.  That sounds expensive and stressful, doesn’t it?

A boudoir photoshoot with us includes these things built into the value of the session.  We do the hair and makeup in house with our artists.  And they’re VERY talented- check out why we keep this in-house here when you’re done reading this blog post.  We also provide the outfits.  Again, a boudoir shoot is in a very specific style, and has a very specific, artistic look to it.  The outfits you would wear for one may have limited use outside of the studio.  Remember that bridesmaid dress your best friend’s cousin swore would be perfect cocktail attire for the rest of your life, but really it just collects dust in the closet?  Same thing.  So rather than taking on the additional cost of buying new outfits for a photo shoot, and having to hire someone to do your hair and makeup, (not to mention the added stress of trying to coordinate that appointment with your boudoir photoshoot perfectly) we take care of that for you.

Step Into Our Sanctuary. No, Really, It’s Safe Here.

Now it’s the day of your shoot with your Generic Lifestyle Photographer!  Where is it taking place?  In their private studio where they have carefully crafted a safe space for you to feel sexy, vibrant and confident?  Or is it in a common, cold, fluorescent light studio, are they asking you to find a hotel to shoot in, or book an AirBNB for the weekend and front the cost- or worse, somewhere public.  Yikes!

You might have already guessed it: this is another part of the boudoir experience that sets us apart.  Our studio is already built into the value of your boudoir photoshoot, so there is no extra cost or scheduling needed. We work from an expertly curated studio that is specifically designed to help bring out your inner confidence and passion.  Creating a safe space is part of our mission, and its actually critical to the experience!  After all, we get the best results, and you get the best pictures, when you’re comfortable, confident and assured.  A boudoir studio is somewhere for you to let go, and access a different part of your spirit.

Action! You Already Know How to Do This, Right?

Alright, the camera is snapping away.  What’s your photographer telling you?  “Act sexy!”  “Give me a flirty look!”  “Do something sultry!”  Something like that, maybe?  Be honest with yourself… is any of that helpful?

A boudoir photoshoot is a little like being on a movie set, except much less intimidating, and no one is expecting you to perform.  Your photographer is both your scene coach and art director.  We are going to show you exactly how to pose, and talk you through finding the sexiest, most beautiful ways to show yourself off.  We don’t leave it up to guesswork, and we don’t ask anything from our clients they may not be confident in. 

Believe it or not, posing is a HUGE part of the boudoir experience!  Boudoir photographers know how to pose you, and how to talk you through the poses- at Boudoir by Cipriani, we even do a little practice session with you before you are in lingerie and we are holding a camera. We take every opportunity to remove a layer of intimidation that might prevent you from truly stepping into your power.  Other photographers likely don’t have this same knowledge or experience level, and may not be able to deliver the same kind of confident, empowering session.

No, We Don’t Use Walgreens (or Shutterfly) to Print Your Photos

Okay, your shoot is over, and you’re anxiously awaiting the delivery of your photos!  But, wait.  Did you get to choose what pictures you’re getting?  How they are getting printed?  What service is the photographer using?  Oh no- is the guy at Walgreens going to be going through your pictures before they’re printed and delivered to you?!

This is somewhere else boudoir, and Boudoir by Cipriani specifically, sets itself apart from other photography studios.  First, we want you to have some choice in what pictures you walk away with.  This is about you, after all!  Part of the empowerment aspect, is giving you agency about what you find sexiest and most alluring about yourself.  Second, we work with very exclusive printing services.  Apart from being discreet and trusted (they work almost exclusively with professional boudoir studios), their printing process is designed to make the photographs themselves look their best, with luxury presentation, and stand the test of time. 

Yes, there is absolutely a difference from one type of printing company to another, and part of the value of booking our services is making sure you get the absolute best. At Boudoir by Cipriani, we curate fine art, nothing less.  You should be proud of these photos, after all!  We make sure they’re something you’re excited to look at and show off if you so please.  We answer this question even further in depth here.

It’s A Quality Thing

a woman posed for a boudoir photoshoot in a black bodysuit

Look, the point of this isn’t to make fun of “jack-of-all-trades” photographers.  They fulfill a broader set of services, and are very good at what they do!  The point is that boudoir is super specific.  Most photographers aren’t equipped or proficient enough to deliver on the kind of experience boudoir demands.  Could your neighborhood dry cleaner make alterations to a gown?  Maybe- but wouldn’t you prefer to trust that job with a specialist, who knows exactly how to work on certain fabrics and in certain styles?  Wouldn’t the value of those services be worth investing in knowing that it’s going to be done right?   

Think about Apple.  If they suddenly started giving away free iPhones, would you immediately run out to get one?  Or would you wonder if the quality was sacrificed?  Okay, maybe both would be true.  We’d definitely run out and get our free iPhone, but we might also be wondering when it was going to explode.  And unlike Apple, our boudoir studio isn’t trading for billions on the stock market.  Or, I’m pretty sure we’re not.  –Pulls out phone to check the stock market-  Nope, we’re not.  –Puts phone away quickly before you realize we have no idea how to search stock quotes-  Alright, that last part is a joke: we know how to search the stock market.  And trust us, our boudoir studio isn’t on there.

To a degree, cost does denote quality.  You get what you pay for.  Ten bucks will buy you a disposable camera.  And most state parks are free to visit for an impromptu, nature inspired photo-shoot.  If you want to take some fun photos with artsy angles next to a beautiful tree, go for it!  That’s a blast! It won’t be the experiential treatment you get from a boudoir shoot, though. (We are, however, big fans of selfies/self portraits. The more the celebrate yourself the better, no hate here!)

We Can Work With You!

Some final thoughts on how we make the cost of boudoir accessible.  If you’ve been saving up and you’re ready to go, we do take advance payment.  The benefit for you is that your pictures will be ready on the fastest turnaround time.  If, however, you need a little time to get the funds together- but are still ready to book!- we have a few ways to help out.

Boudoir by Cipriani offers incremental payment plans.  We offer up to six month, zero interest, in-house financing to help make the session more accessible, and you choose how frequently and what portion of the balance you pay each time.  You’ll be able to schedule your shoot as soon as you are ready, and then we can order your photos once the repayment plan has been fulfilled.  Additionally, we accept PayPal as a payment method, and encourage you to look into PayPal’s installments.  That way, you pay us up front in full and can order your photos as soon as the shoot is over, but you get the benefit of delayed payments.  Best of both worlds!

Final Thoughts

So, now you have a better understanding of what goes into the cost of a boudoir photo shoot.  We’re not just going to tell you to show up somewhere, click the button a few times, and mail you a packet of pictures.  You will be engaged with us from start to finish.  We are going to make the session about you.  Let us take care of the clothes, the makeup, the safe space.  We’re going to direct your session to bring out your most beautiful inner passion.  And we’re going to deliver you a final product you can be proud of.

A lot goes into boudoir.  We think it’s an investment you’ll be thrilled about for years to come.  If you’re ready to book, this is your next stop.      

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