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Kerri Cipriani Posted by: Kerri Cipriani 2 years ago

But, Really, What Should I Be Expecting?

Who’s ready for some empowerment today?!  Go ahead, raise your hand.  Play along- it’s fun.  Why a focus on empowerment in this blog?  Well, for one thing, it’s kinda our thing at Boudoir by Cipriani.  It’s what we are all about.  More specifically, though, we’re bringing you some knowledge this week.  And we all know knowledge is power!  For so many reasons, too.  Knowledge imparts confidence.  It creates authority.  It shapes our assuredness.  When it comes to something like boudoir, which can be a little intimidating when you’re new to it, having some knowledge will help you feel more confident and excited about the experience!

So let’s say you’re ready to book.  Okay, you’re not quite ready, but you’re mostly ready.  90% ready.  Maybe 76%.  Alright, you’ve got questions.  Like, what should I be expecting when I book a boudoir shoot?  Well, let’s talk about some of those expectations.  There are three parts to the process that we want to highlight here.  A sort of ‘before, during, and after’ of your photoshoot.  Ideally, by the end of this article, you will feel a little more assured.  More empowered.

Also, we should add: we have a ton of resources for you to address the most common (and some uncommon) questions.  That said, you’re all vibrant, beautiful individuals, brimming with brilliant, individual questions.  If there is something not answered here, or that you don’t feel is adequately covered in our blog: reach out!  There are several ways you can contact us, and we encourage you to absolutely connect with us and ask your questions directly!

I Want to Hear From You!

Alright, maybe this is cheating cause we just told you to reach out and ask questions, but the before part of your session is… well… asking questions.  One of the aspects of Boudoir by Cipriani we think sets us apart is our consultative process.  I know that sounds like something you would do with the IRS while nervously shuffling through papers, but trust us: it’s a LOT better than that.

See, here’s the thing.  Remember how earlier we said you’re all vibrant, beautiful individuals?  Well, it’s because you are—emphasis on the individual part.  You’re you.  Uniquely you.  And we’re excited to get to know you!  Importantly, getting to know you is a huge part of our overall experience.  We want you to feel like you have a custom-curated and tailored photoshoot, and to make sure we deliver on that, we take lots of time to get to know you before you even step foot in front of the lens.

No, But Seriously, I Want to Hear From You.

Not only are we getting to know you, but you’re getting to know me.  You’ll get to ask me all your questions, and we can chat about anything you might feel nervous about.  Almost everyone feels some nerves, and absolutely everyone has questions.  We like questions!

We do a few essential things by chatting before you arrive at our studio.  We help strip away fear and address some of that intimidation you might be feeling.  We discuss budgets, availability, and timetables- all those nitty-gritty detail things that aren’t as fun as the shoot itself but still need to be worked out.  And most of all, we build trust.  Trust is critical to the shoot feeling safe and liberating, and we want you to be as comfortable as possible before you come in.

The consultation process (I know, it sounds so formal, again, trust me, it’s not) is so much of a priority to the overall experience that we don’t do ‘blind’ shoots.  We want all of our bombshells to have a uniquely tailored time, and we can’t do that if we don’t get to talk to you first.  So reach out.  Book your consultation.  Let’s chat!

Here’s a Mimosa. Now Let Us Pamper You.

Woman wearing a red shirt gets her hair styled for a boudoir photoshoot with Boudoir by Cipriani in Tampa, FL

Do you ever fantasize about being a movie star?  Or a model for a chic, exotic product?  Maybe you want to be a rockstar in a power punk band, taking the stage in front of thousands of fans.  Well, guess what?  When you come in to the Boudoir by Cipriani studio, you’ll get to live out the fantasy of being pampered and primped by a team of professionals!

Consider this the ‘during’ phase of the photoshoot that we want to highlight. We think this is one of the most fun parts of your experience with us.  After all, who doesn’t want the chance to be made up by a cosmetology artist, and have her hair done by her own personal stylist?  Like we’ve said, your boudoir session with us goes beyond the photos and the posing.  It’s designed to be a little adventure that will give you memories for a lifetime.

So, sit back.  Relax.  Sip on a mimosa (we make them strong).  Let us take care of you while you enjoy yourself.  Today is all about you!

The Experience You Want. The Experience You Deserve.

 Okay, we do go over a couple things with you while you’re being pampered.  It’s not as much business talk as your consultation, of course.  More like a final pep talk, and a review of some of the things we’re going to do when the camera comes out.  We’ll chat about poses, the flow of the shoot, and what the day ahead is going to look like.  Light conversation, and mostly to help you feel more comfortable and at ease going into the shoot itself.

After your hair looks perfect (perfect for the shoot, that is- it already looks perfect right now) and you’ve been styled for the session, we do a final clothing selection.  We have some really sexy outfits for you, but we also always take your comfort into consideration.   

Also, if you’re interested in why we do your makeup and hair and provide the outfits, there are a few helpful articles that go more into detail on this.

And That’s Lunch! Well, For You It Is.

So, we want to keep the shoot itself a little bit of a mystery- although if you do want a preview, we definitely have some blogs on that as well.  Just trust me, it’s the best part of the day.  So much fun.  Like, the most fun.  We once got audited for fun, and it turns out we were having too much.

Which, brings us to the ‘after.’  The design phase.  Think of me as your art director.  You come to me with a vision, and I help you bring it to life.  And you’ll get the first glimpse of that vision after a personal yoga session to help your body recovery from boudoir specific posing, and nice relaxing lunch or coffee in town. If you didn’t know already, our studio is nestled in the heart of Hyde Park Village and is walking distance or a short drive to Tampa’s best food scene.

You see, while you’re out for a bite or a little java buzz, I’ll be hard at work bringing your photos to life!  That’s right: you’ll get a preview of your entire shoot right there, that day.  No waiting around for weeks to see how it came together, hoping they turned out as beautiful as you think (they did).

Bringing Your Vision To Fruition.

By the time you get back, I’ll have a selection of your most compelling pictures ready to show you.  Get excited, cause they’re gonna be amazing.  Ah-may-zing.  Turns out when you work with the most beautiful women, all the pictures come out pretty awesome.  

From there, you and I will spend some time going through the entire session and deciding which photos you want.  After all, this is all about you, and what you want.  If you have selected a Fine Art Album, we even design the album right then and there, you get to be part of the process. Everything is collaborative, keeping in mind the finished product is all about honoring your biggest hopes and dreams for your photoshoot. Finally we’ll talk about what print collection you would like, and how to make it fit into your budget. Fortunately we have a lot of ways to make that happen, so don’t worry too much about that part.  If you do have some questions, though, check out our blog about the value of a boudoir shoot.

After you go home and start bragging like mad to all your friends about the amazing day you just had, I’ll be getting hard to work.  While you bask in all your friends’ questions and tell them about how incredible boudoir is and how they should all do it, too, I’ll be pouring my heart and soul into your photo package.  It’s very important to me to put just as much effort into the ‘after’ design as I do into your shoot itself so that the photos you receive last a lifetime.

The Kim Possible Factor.

There you have it!  What to expect before, during and after a boudoir session with us.  Of course, there is plenty more to the experience.  It’s really hard, maybe impossible, to put down on paper just how amazingly freeing, empowering and fun the shoot is.  You’ll have to come out and see that for yourself.

Ah, but there is that word one more time.  Empowering.  Like we said, knowledge is power.  Hopefully now you have a little bit more, and feel a little more confident about what to expect.  Remember: the first part of all of this is our chat.  So reach out!  No, really, reach out.  Call me!  Text me.  Beep me.  I’m like, basically, Kim Possible. If you wanna reach me, it’s okay.  Because I want to talk to you.  And I want you to see what the lens sees in you.

Let’s chat, bombshell.

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